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Neno Villamor

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Just for the sheer gratification of viewing her work, Neno Villamor is an artist the world can’t afford to ignore. Neno’s cast handmade paper pieces are remarkable in many aspects, not the least of which is her adept manipulation of paper pulp to form striking combinations of sculpture and two-dimensional techniques.

Neno admits to being an artist always. That concept, in itself, is provocative.  “I simply always knew I was an artist and to not make art would mean I’d wither up and cease to exist. My mother actively encouraged me from a very young age throughout my school years and into adulthood. Maintaining contact with a talented uncle certainly helped steer me onto the art path, as well.

How does a creative soul arrive at making such exotic cast paper art? According to Neno, the route took her through experiences with drawing, painting, jewelry metals and ceramics. Working as an art teacher for middle- and high-schoolers offered more opportunities to expand her knowledge and capabilities with a variety of mediums. When she discovered sculpting, she fell in love with the medium, and “this has been a constant,” she says, carrying over into her current enjoyment working with paper.

Neno finds inspiration from the figure -- human or animal -- specifically, with figures in movement. As a dancer, she’s found a way through her art to instill activity in each piece to tell a story. “Moving figures tend to inspire me and they’re what I love to depict. The tension, caused by the play of gravity against muscle, intrigues me. It’s why I’m drawn to dance, athletic figures and activity in general.” Add lush, opulent color, compelling subject matter and an imaginative story for each work she creates, and you’ve got something truly enchanting.

Getting to this level of expertise as an artist wasn’t a cake walk, a fact to which any accomplished artist will attest. Neno succinctly puts rational thought to being successful as an artist: “It’s not for the faint of heart, especially at the present time. You need to accept that you’ll be required to wear many hats -- not just the romantic working-in-the-studio-making-art hat.”

Where Neno Villamor is concerned, that’s the very hat that fits her best of all.

View a selection of Neno's work.


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